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"Farmer delivers the grit, shame, truth and glory of his songs with the reckless abandon that could only have been spawned from

good times, heartache and hundreds of sleepless nights.  Like salt in an open wound, Farmer bares his soul for all who want to listen, regardless of consequence. Equal parts rock, soul and twang, this is music for those who aren't afraid of the truth...

even if the truth ain't pretty.”

Jack Feight - Highway 61 Recording Co. Nashville



“Farmers songs were made for coffee and cigarette mornings and Jack Daniels nights - where equal parts heartache and hope make

life worth living and in this case.....

worth listening to.”

- Sherri Lynn - International Tattoo Art New York, NY US



"Mike Farmer is a true country roots rocker that  absolutely shines out in the songs he wrote for this new CD. I would compare him with other American country rockers as Shooter Jennings or Ted Russell Kamp, but his sound is a bit rougher and the guitar riffs in the music a little sharper than the two musicians"

Freddy Celis - Rootstime - Belgium


"Under The Influence" suits my show perfectly

- Jos van den Boom - Crossroads Radio - Nertherlands



“I really enjoyed "Strange Skies”

-  Mike Penard -Third Coast Music Magazine & Euro Americana Reporter (France)



"Under The Influence" is brilliant. Keep me posted on tour dates....

-  Barry Marshall-Everitt - House of Mercy (UK)



"Strange Skies" is a great song.




Thanks for the "Strange Skies" Great track ! I will definitely play it !

- Lee Williams - CEO/Owner CMR Nashville/Radio UK International


The unpretentious "Under The Influence" album  rocks like an avalanche in the Rocky Mountains. "Myleene" and "Rock And Roller" with "Keef" style riffs and a prime piece of harmonica, are rock 'n roll from the top shelf. "Want It All" is a driving ZZ Top style boogie in the best tradition.

- Martin Overheul - Alt Country Forum - Netherlands


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"You are the rockinest good time high roller I have heard for ages!

The single "ALRIGHT" is all feel, groove & swagger - LOVE IT ! "

Chris Kimsey - Legendary (Rolling Stones) Producer


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Mike Farmer is an American Country, Rock, Americana music Singer-Songwriter,  Multi Instrumentalist Musician, Producer and Owner of Highway 61 Recording Company.